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Flow Chart of Reporting Standards Organizational Structure and Roles

NCREIF and PREA sponsor the Reporting Standards initiative. Both are associations comprised of volunteer organizations involved in the institutional real estate investment industry. Volunteers serve as the backbone of the Reporting Standards initiative. 

Reporting Standards Board
The Reporting Standards Board is an independent board of directors selected and appointed by the Reporting Standards sponsors, NCREIF and PREA. Board members have the authority to codify, approve and promote a common set of investor reporting standards for the institutional real estate investment community. 

Reporting Standards Council
The Reporting Standards Council is an established body selected and appointed by the Reporting Standards Board through an open nomination process. Council members are subject matter experts within their respective professional disciplines and possess knowledge and understanding across all disciplines. The Council is responsible for maintaining transparency and open involvement in the Reporting Standards process. 

Workgroups are standing committees comprised of Council and other senior industry participants to effectuate their portion of the annual business plan. At least one Council member chairs each of the workgroups. Workgroups are responsible for the management and direction of Project Task Force work. More detailed information be found by clicking on the Workgroup tab.

Project Task Forces
Projects included in a workgroup's annual business plan are generally undertaken by a task force created specifically for a named project. At least one workgroup member participates in a project task force. NCREIF and PREA members are the primary source of volunteers for these project task forces. For volunteers new to our industry, getting involved in Project Task Forces are great learning experiences.

NCREIF Standing Committees and PREA Committees/ Affinity Groups
NCREIF and PREA each have a number of standing committees which focus on discipline specific matters. Volunteers for the REIS initiative generally participate on at least one of these committees. More information can be found on the NCREIF and PREA websites. 

Reporting Standards Director of Operations
The Reporting Standards Director of Operations is the only non-volunteer position within the Reporting Standards initiative. The Director of Operations serves as the administrator of the initiative by overseeing and supporting the development, content management and maintenance of the Reporting Standards.

Volunteering Opportunities
Please consider volunteering for this important initiative. There is a place for anyone who wants to be involved. Contact Marybeth Kronenwetter for more information.