Sally Ann Flood- Audit Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP (term renewable annually through 10/31/2019)

Other Members:

Peter Bloomfield- Audit Partner, KPMG LLP (term 1 expires 10/31/2017)

  • Chair, Reporting Standards Accounting Workgroup
  • Liaison to NCREIF Accounting Committee

Paul Briggs- Vice President, Head of US Research, Bentall Kennedy (term 1 expires 10/31/19)

  • Liaison to NCREIF Research Committee


Sarah Cachat- Principal, Townsend Group (term 1 expires 10/31/2017)

  • Liaison to NCREIF Performance Measurement Committee

John Caruso- Managing Director, Head of Finance - Americas, TH Real Estate (term 2 expires 10/31/19)

  • Chair, Reporting Standards Global Workgroup
  • Co-Chair, Global Standards Steering Committee
  • Liaison to PREA Reporting and Valuation Affinity Group

Jane Delfendahl- Investment Director, California Public Employees Retirement System (term 1 expires 10/31/18)

  • Liaision to NCREIF Plan Sponsor Committee

Kurt Edwards- Director, UBS Global Real Estate Research & Strategy (term 1 expires 10/31/18)

  • Co-Chair, Reporting Standards Performance and Risk Workgroup 
  • Liaison to NCREIF Index Policy Committee

Barbara Flusk- Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Real Estate Fund Services, Citco Fund Services (term 1 expires 10/31/19)

  • Co-Leader, Global Fee and Expense Metrics

Barratt C. Johnson- Managing Director, State Street Global Services (term 1 expires 10/31/18)

  • ​Chair, Reporting Standards Compliance Workgroup

John Kjelstrom- Director, Chatham Financial (term 1 expires 10/31/19)

  • ​Liaison to NCREIF Valuation Committee

Maritza Matlosz- Director, Real Estate Investors, MetLife Real Estate Investors (term 3 expires 10/31/17)

  • Liaison to NCREIF Timber Committee and NCREIF Information Management Committee

Trina Sanders- Investment Officer, Los Angeles County Employee Retirement Association (term 1 expires 10/31/17)

  • Co-Chair Reporting Standards Investor Relations Workgroup 
  • ​Liaison to PREA Institutional Investor Council

Reporting Standards Director of Operations:
Marybeth Kronenwetter- Director, Reporting Standards

The Reporting Standards Council holds monthly meetings, which are open to the public. You can find the calendar here
Council meeting minutes can be found here

Reporting Standards Council

Upcoming Events

  • Open Council Meeting - November 7 at NCREIF Fall Conference
  • Open Council Meeting - December 20

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