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Current Projects in Process: 

​The below definitions are the work of the Definitions Task Force working on the Global Standards Initiative between NCREIF, INREV, PREA, and ANREV and have been approved by the Global Standards Steering Committee. The next step of the process outlined in the MOU signed by all 4 organizations is approval and joint publication. Through August 15, 2016, please direct your comments to:

​​​Current Projects Prospectuses:
Each year under the direction of the Reporting Standards Council, the Reporting Standards workgroups undertake a number of projects. These projects are described in the Annual business plan. New initiatives for substantive changes to the Reporting Standards require a project prospectus. The project prospectus is prepared by the designated workgroup and approved by the Reporting Standards Council and Board. 

Reporting Standards Business Plans:
Annually, the Reporting Standards Board is responsible for the preparation of a business plan and budget which is approved by the Reporting Standards sponsors- NCREIF and PREA. The business plan describes the current and anticipated project plan for each workgroup along with an explanation of how the project supports the strategic objectives and mission of the REIS initiative.
**Please note that Reporting Standards was formerly known as "REIS"**

Exposure Drafts:
All changes to the Reporting Standards Handbook (Volume I) which are other than conforming are exposed to interested parties during a 60-day public comment period. An exposure draft contains a discussion of the proposed changes to the standards, questions for consideration and a summary of alternatives considered and conclusions reached. At the conclusion of the public comment period, all comments are considered by the Reporting Standards Council in its deliberations before a final Adopting Release is approved. The Adopting Release contains a discussion of the resolution of all outstanding matters as well as the new Reporting Standards document. 

Currently there are no exposure drafts out for public comment. At the conclusion of the comment period, all written comments received are posted to the Reporting Standards web site until the Adopting Release is issued.

Other Projects and Draft Materials:
Periodically, drafts of papers and other materials which are not exposed though the public comment process are posted here until they are finalized in order to invite commentary from industry. Comments should be sent via e-mail to

Volunteering Opportunities:
Please consider volunteering for this important initiative. There is a place for anyone who wants to be involved. Contact Marybeth Kronenwetter for more information.