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Compliance Workgroup

​To create a culture of compliance with the Reporting Standards. To facilitate the reporting of consistent, clear, concise information to investors. To develop self-assessment tools supported by education on best practices, policies and procedures, and how to be Reporting Standards compliant. 

Compliance Assessment 


The strategic plan for the Reporting Standards initiative includes a focus on the relevance and applicability of the Reporting Standards for closed-end funds. As an initial undertaking the Compliance work group of the Reporting Standards Council conducted phone conversations with closed-end fund investment managers who currently contribute data to NCREIF's Closed-end Value Add (CEVA) Index in order to  understand potential obstacles to compliance with the Reporting Standards and gain an understanding of how the Reporting Standards might better address their reporting needs. We are happy to report that most funds can or could comply with the Reporting Standards if they were requested to do so. In areas where compliance is challenging for some (e.g., time-weighted returns, appraisal frequency, benchmark reporting) the Council will focus on addressing these concerns in order to provide useful and relevant standards and guidance to investors in closed-end funds.


Current Projects:

Information on other current projects and business plans for the Compliance Workgroup can be found under Projects and Business Plans



  • Barry Johnson, Managing Director, State Street Global Services (Reporting Standards Council Member)